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PT. Elabram Systems
Nama Pekerjaan: Software Engineering

Deskripsi Pekerjaan:
Job Descriptions :
1. Execute Product Roadmap and constantly looking out for new technology to try
out and demonstrate new technology implementation to management.
2. Responsible for supporting and developing Node.js microservice modules and
shared libraries to support core business functions.
3. Assist and guide others technically through collaboration and pair programming if required.
4. Troubleshoot, identify and resolve advanced issues in a timely manner.
5. Take full accountability of written and reviewed code, write reusable and sustainable code and practice test-driven development and defensive programming to create a more stable deliverable.
6. Challenge existing code patterns and propose alternatives with justification of benefit/value of implementation.
7. Propose and deliver an optimal solution after understanding existing alternate options and overall system impact of implementing each option.
8. Can critically analyze and evaluate code of others as well as their own, provide constructive feedback, and contribute a positive influence overall within design and code implementation discussions or normal code reviews within a given domain.
9. Proactively ask for assistance when hindered by roadblocks or requirement issues.
10. Successfully implement Continuous Improvement.
11. Understands the testing pyramid well.
12. Proficient at using systematic debugging to diagnose all issues located to a single service.
13. Understands their team's domain at a high level and can gather sufficient context to work productively within it. Has expertise in a portion of their team's domain.
14. Consistently designs code that is aligned with the overall service architecture.
15. Utilizes abstractions and code isolation effectively.
16. Approaches all engineering work with a security lens. Actively looks for security vulnerabilities both in the code and when providing peer reviews.

Kisaran Gaji: IDR 10.000.000 - 15.000.000/Bulan
Kategori Pekerjaan: Software Developer
Area Kerja: Indonesia, DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Pusat
Total Pelamar: 2

Vocational School

1-3 Years

Working Hour (8-17) at office

1 Month Notice