Some Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic

Some Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic

There are thousands of creative ways to increase traffic on your website, from filling website content with attractive images to developing a good and elegant user-experience. But actually you don't need to spend a lot of money to increase your website traffic, try doing some simple things below:

Make interesting articles and posts about the business you are running

Tell the world that you are not only the best person in the business you run, but that you are also a person who is ready to share knowledge and experiences with them. Make interesting articles about your business trip, share experiences while handling the projects you are running, to how to do simple technical things. Share with the world by writing what you've done because you are an inseparable part of the world, this shows that you are an organization that does not only think about your own stomach but cares about the environment around you. 

Create Useful Social Media and Post Content

For the Indonesian market in particular, social media is a very important weapon for campaigning your business activities. Did you know that Indonesia is one of the countries that has a number of Facebook, Twitter, Path, and Instagram users? Take advantage of this situation to campaign for what you sell on the social media that you use. Create a Fan Page of the business you run and then tell the world that you sell the right product / service for your customer's needs.

Attractive Design and Eye-Catching

Do you often hear the term eye-catching? Yup, an attractive design with a color variation that isn't too tacky helps you build your company image. Website design must also follow the business vision of your company, starting from colors, fonts, etc., it should be adjusted to the products you offer. It's useless if you sell cool products, but when the website your customers visit is messy, shame on it! How do they want to believe that you are the right person to provide solutions to their problems? Create a simple but attractive design for your website!

Optimal Source Code and Image, Minimize Your Website's Loading Time!

From a technical point of view, good source code such as optimal javascript, optimal DB query, caching system and not too large image sizes really help build a good user experience, especially from the customer side. It's useless if your website is cool to death but to get all the content and information out it will take more than 5 minutes, instead of being lucky it will actually get lost because your website visitors will definitely be frustrated and then run away to the next neighbor aka competitor whose website is much faster in speed and performance.

Choose the Right Hosting Place

If you think your website is important then choose the right hosting place! So, the key is to choose a hosting provider that suits your target market, for example, if your target market is Indonesian, choose a hosting place in Indonesia, don't style hosting outside the country so that it can be said to be cool. This is not an arbitrary suggestion, because it relates to the bandwidth capacity of each provider. If you are hosting abroad, you will automatically use international bandwidth which is usually smaller than the local bandwidth. For your information, there are some hosting providers in Indonesia that provide unlimited local bandwidth. Does that affect it? It is very influential because people from Indonesia in particular will have faster speed and loading times for accessing your website. It's useless if the hosting is abroad but when the website is accessed the website is slow, isn't it? Your customers are sure to run away. 

Use Online Advertising Services

Actually this is an easy way if you have a sufficient budget, but before you use online advertising services, make sure that the content and information that you share on your website is useful information and is in accordance with what you are selling. In addition, you should use simple and on-target language, don't use technical language because it doesn't mean that everyone understands what you are saying.