Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing Tips

There are many social media that we can use as tools to campaign for the products you have, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. However, if not used properly and effectively, campaigns through social media can become a boomerang for our own products.

Social media offers the ability to build media substance for the presence of our products. Currently, maybe we already have a company / organization profile that is already running, but of course other people must be aware of our existence, what we do, what business we are running, etc.

Below are some tips that can help you attract customers through social media campaigns.

1) Identify Your Organization's Goals and Objectives

Success is out of reach if you don't set specific goals, try occasionally using your spare time to think about goals and what you really want to get from platforms on social media. In addition, we also measure the resources we have based on the goals we set to determine whether our efforts to achieve these goals are realistic or not.

2) Understand Customer Needs 

Try making a model or survey and projecting the needs of your customers before engaging and advertising to them massively on social media. Try to share the details of your idea and then try to hear what they really need. Remember that customers sometimes don't want to be too adventurous, try to meet what the market needs that you have targeted previously.

3) Build a Complete Profile of What's Executing

Try to complete a detailed description of what you are doing with your team and your organization, so you don't want the description to be ambiguous. So that when people see social media for the first time, you immediately understand what you are actually doing.

4) Build a Unique Brand Image

A cool brand image is one that is simple but to the point. If we have trouble finding an answer, what do we first remember to look for our answer? Google? Book? Or ask the teacher?

It's simple, for example like this, when people hear about how to get IT Resources or Freelancer with a very good quality and they immediately think of, when they think of social media they immediately think of Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

5) Share Content That Can Help Others and is Relevant

Remember good communication is communication that is continuous and interrelated, it's impossible, for example, we sell IT products but discussing how to blow up balloons? Is it connected or not? Hehehe

Good communication in the internet world can be improved if the admin shares relevant content and receives feedback from the network you have. There have been many examples such as,, etc. Try to share things that are focused, intense and sustainable according to what field you are in and see the results.

6) Focus on getting qualitative results

Is the language a bit heavy? Hehe but the point is like this that not all of our followers will become our customers. Remember that we use social media, as if we are prospecting people who are not necessarily our customers. In addition, there is actually a CSR side here too, in the sense that if we share something that is useful for others, then other people will remember what we share. From there actually the brand image can be built and that is what is meant by qualitative. Try to focus on getting feedback from, accept and accommodate their input then if possible try transforming it into your business. 

7) Don't Forget the Promotion

If you have read all the points above, don't forget the promotion, no matter how sophisticated our product is, if it's not the same promotion. It's useless if we can build a satellite that can fly to the moon but is not being promoted? Who wants to used it? Who will know if we can build a sophisticated things? Now for promotion on social media, try using a social media platform that you like and in accordance with the business you are running, then try to sync so that you can easily use it, such as integrating Twitter with Facebook. You can also integrate your account with personal blogs and websites, most search engines today will determine rankings based on the frequency of how often the content we have is updated.

In addition, you have to remember not to be too massive and aggressive when doing advertising, people might think what we are doing is spam and we are considered spammers because of the intrusive advertising we do. Do promotion of our products to people who are right on target who seem to really need our products, you can start by joining a community according to the business you are running.