Best CMS for Your First Online Store

Best CMS for Your First Online Store

Currently the internet is the most effective medium and can be used by various groups to sell these products. Having your own online website also means increasing the opportunity to get high profits due to its wide coverage, allowing all levels of society to know the products being sold. As long as you aggressively promote it and use the right keywords, the benefits of creating a website to sell your own products will be greatly impacted. 

So If your budget is limited for developing a website with programmer services, then there is another option, namely using a well-known CMS platform to create an online shop. Let's discuss them one by one.


The first to become number one in the world is Magento. The following Content Management System or CMS has many users from various countries, especially large and popular companies such as Amazon, OLX, and Samsung. Magento has complete features, easy to use, but unfortunately Magento doesn't have a free version yet, so users have to subscribe or subscribe. But some people do not regret using this platform because of its features and stability to use, besides that it is also easy to customize so that if you want to develop it in the future, most of the developers have mastered it.


Just like Magento Opencart is an open source CMS platform. Opencart is liked by most people because it has a free version so you don't have to pay for a subscription in cash. Besides that, there are also many plugins here with the aim of improving the performance and functionality of your online store. Because the application is easy to understand, most people, even beginners, often use Opencart. The author was also one of the OpenCart users when he first opened an online website to start a business.


PrestaShop provides a free CMS for you if you want to create a new online shop. There are many advantages of using this platform such as powerful performance, easy and friendly to use, complete and attractive features, and it looks very attractive. The features for payment methods also vary so that you can determine your own according to your needs and also the habits of your consumers. In addition, there is also a comment column feature for customers, invoice payments, integration with social media, and so on.


WooCommerce is actually a plugin that is activated from WordPress and features and looks like WordPress. WooCommerce is a CMS that has SEO friendly features as well as is easy for new website users. The advantages of WooCommerce, among others, are that it is suitable for early adopters because of its easy-to-understand features, has a large WordPress user community so that it can be easily discussed and asked if you want to tinker with the platform. It has a variety of themes so you can change the template and appearance as you want, it is SEO friendly and also has lots of plugins that you can find and use as needed.

Hopefully this article helps those of you who want to create your first online store.