Why Should Use WAF? WAF Benefits You Should Know

Why Should Use WAF? WAF Benefits You Should Know

  • 12 February 2021
  • Security
  • Ditulis oleh Arif Zulfikar Pelian

Currently almost every human being on earth uses a website and every day there are always incidents of websites being attacked by hackers, sometimes even large e-commerce companies can still be breached because of a lack of awareness of the importance of a WAF or web application firewall to protect websites from attacks hackers, but their website is a money-making machine for their company.

In WAF deployment, two methods can be used, namely:


This method means you need to invest in hardware that supports WAF features such as F5, Imperva, Fortinet, etc. You need high costs because not all companies have sufficient investment capital for this type of deployment method.


This method uses WAF on the Internet, usually security providers or vendors, for example, F5 has Silverline and Cloudflare also has a similar solution. Deployment is quite easy, you only need to point the DNS to their services then they will forward the traffic that is safe to your web-server.

Why is the use of a Web Application Firewall important and very, very crucial today? Based on CVE data every year it is increasing and the methods of attack on websites are increasingly diverse and hackers are increasingly creative in using methods of attacking websites. In 2017 alone, there were more than 12,000 CVEs found, including server, TLS, php vulnerabilities, and not to mention other vulnerabilities such as zero-day vulnerabilities.

If your website is a victim of a hacker attack, there are several impacts that directly impact your business. Some of the reasons you need to use a Web Application Firewall for your website include:

Protecting customer data

For websites that are transactional using HTTPS is not enough, if your customer data is stolen by methods that target your security code loopholes then it is certain that your customer data can be stolen and sold by hackers. We are currently entering the big-data era where customer data such as email, address, telephone number is one source of data that can be managed to make money. So protect your customer data!

Protecting business reputation

If you are unable to protect your website from hacker attacks, it is certain that the reputation of your website and business will be tarnished, your people or customers will definitely have less trust or trust in you, especially if their personal data is stolen and sold, for example on darkweb. It is certain that your business reputation will be destroyed.

Avoid lawsuits

If there is a lot of sensitive information that is stolen or misused by hackers and these hackers sell, for example, your customer or customer data to other people, not only your business reputation is tarnished, it is likely that you will also face legal problems and demands from customers.

Keeping the business running

If your website for example is attacked by hackers and your website becomes inaccessible for example and is paralyzed, then besides losing trust at the same time you will lose revenue because of this.