Best Web Application Firewall (WAF) Reviews

Best Web Application Firewall (WAF) Reviews

  • 12 February 2021
  • Security
  • Ditulis oleh Arif Zulfikar Pelian

On this time we will share the most easy-to-use and popular Web Application Firewall (WAF) products that might be your choice based on our experience.

F5 Advanced WAF

The F5 product is arguably one of the best web application firewall products at the moment, cloud or on-premises options are also available. The WAF cloud service is currently wrapped in the silverline product, while the on-premise product is wrapped in the ASM product and also the Advanced WAF. One of the advantages of using F5, especially in on-premise mode, is that you can use it simultaneously for other features such as load balancers and dns so that you get benefits not only security but also performance. 

F5 WAF features include:

  • Advanced application protection
  • Proactive bot defense
  • Behavioral DoS
  • Defenses for the OWASP Top 10
  • Stolen Credential Protection
  • API Protection


Imperva can be your alternative choice besides F5 in choosing a web application firewall, this product is very powerful and is one of F5's competitors in WAF products. Imperva also provides on-premise or cloud waf options so that it is very flexible when deploying. Just like its competitors F5, many large institutions such as banks and governments and providers are already using this product.

Imperva's features include:

  • Secure cloud and on-prem apps
  • Stop OWASP Top 10 and Automated Top 20
  • Attack detection
  • SIEM integration
  • Extensive reporting


Fortiweb can be an alternative choice for your web application firewall product, especially if you require an on-premise option but have budget constraints. In terms of price fortiweb is far below Imperva and also F5 but has many comprehensive features, besides that, fortiweb is one of Fortinet's products which is focused on security. The security fabric concept developed by Fortinet is likely to be a comprehensive solution to support and protect your data center from hacker attacks.

Fortiweb features include:

  • Detailed analysis attack sources dan visual reporting tools
  • False Positive Mitigation Tools
  • Correlated threat detection dengan Al-based behavioral scanning
  • Fortinet Security Fabric integration
  • Visual analytics tools untuk advanced threat insights


The Cloudflare web application firewall service combines a reverse proxy with a content delivery network. This cloud-based cloudflare service is able to block various cyber threats such as sql injection and DDoS attacks. This product is perfect for personal use such as protecting personal websites / blogs / company profiles and also for the middle class with a limited budget.

Cloudflare's features include:

  • Logging and Reporting
  • Issue Tracking
  • Security Monitoring
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Application-Layer Controls

Akamai WAF

Just like cloudflare, this service can be your alternative in a combination of using a CDN and also a web application firewall. The most striking difference may be in the price because in most cases Akamai WAF is rarely used for personal use, more often for the use or protection of enterprises.

Akamai WAF's features include:

  • Customizable dan Automated Protection.
  • Advanced API Security
  • Zero-Second DDoS Mitigation SLA
  • Granular Attack Visibility dan Reporting
  • Managed Security Services

In addition to the paid products above, there are actually more open-source based WAF products such as the combination of using mod_security with waffles, webknight and shadow daemon. However, its use is very complex and there is also no support, so it is very difficult to implement it in the field, especially since most of the WAF is usually used to protect websites which are company money machines, especially those that are transactional based.