What is a Backlink? Definition Backlink in Simple Terms

What is a Backlink? Definition Backlink in Simple Terms

For everyone who are old or new to the world of websites and blogs, maybe they have heard the word backlinks. Well, backlinks are one of the most frequently used ways to improve SEO (Search engine optimization), backlinks will provide two main benefits, namely: relevant traffic and high rankings on search engines. The more backlinks on your website, the more visitors will come through that backlink traffic, so websites with lots of quality backlinks will be more frequently visited by search engine robots, which means that your new content will be indexed faster.

What is Backlinks?

Links from one site to another have appeared and existed before search engines were created. Before the Google era, if you saw a website you liked and wanted to remember an address you had no reliable place to store it, except on your own website. Things like SEO, page ranking or the number of inbound and outbound links don't really bother you at the time, because these concepts simply don't exist. That was the era before google, if a website has lots of links pointing to the site in question, it means that the website is really a healthy and good website.

Search engines are created and used under a variety of circumstances to help people find the most popular sites quickly. Google was the first company / site to perform the service, other search engines followed. However, search engines make things a little more complicated by introducing two new concepts at once: popularity and relevance.

Popularity on Google is measured by how well a page ranks, a scale rating from 0 to 10 which is the number and quality of links pointing to a website. Google will immediately update a web page if a new backlink is found on the site. However, the overall information will become more general every three months. It will be the job of many webmasters who see there is an immediate improvement to the page rank of their site even after they have created a large number of quality backlinks to their website.

Relevance is defined per keyword and has no publicly available indicators.

Unlike popularity, it is a measure derived from natural language processing methods that shows how much reach of the text and content around the backlink relates to your web page. For example, if the content of a web page that is related to the Easy Way to Increase Your Website Traffic and has outbound links to other web pages related to backlinks, then the link relevance will be high because these keywords are a term from: Easy Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic Strategy backlinks are closely related to a more general field (SEO).

Popularity and relevance are measured per page (not per website). Theoretically, if only one of the pages on your website has lots of highly relevant backlinks, it will rank higher in the search engines, while the rest of the pages will rank lower. In fact, the entire site will rank highly, because very often, each page will have lots of internal backlinks to the main page and vice versa. If you want to get quality backlinks, permanent and index. Hopefully the information about backlinks this time can help friends in developing SEO. 

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